Workshop Details

This program is for limited people only who take decision to transform their life get success, good health, wealth and live their life to the fullest.

The 6-month’scomprehensive program 2 Days of Intensive workshop every 2 months Curriculum includes:

  • Full Life Transformation
  • Understand and change your Inner Identity
  • Change your beliefs to manage your emotions and behaviours
  • Train your subconscious to:
    • Re-imprint your Past
    • Remove your emotional blocks draining your happiness & success
    • Prepare your Bright & Great Future
    • Understand your purpose of Life
  • Visualization to achieve your desire life goals
  • Get Confidence to do the desire work
  • Take Big Decisions for your life

Six monthsComprehensive Workshop ₹89,900/-

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1.    ‘THREE’ Personal (One on One) meetings worth ₹60000/- 2.   ‘TWO’ Breakthrough sessions of worth ₹40000/-
3.   ‘SIX’ Mentoring Call worth ₹24000/- 4.   ‘SIX’ Life Transformational Assignments worth ₹12000/-
5.   Life Transformational Kit worth ₹2100/-


For ₹2.28 Lacs while you pay only ₹89,900