The Person

Akhileshwar Gupta

Akhileshwar Gupta (The Life Science’s Coach) is one of the best & reputed NLP Trainer, Motivator, Business Consultant, Personal Counselor, NLP Coach for Corporate Companies, Author & truly a Life Transformer. Mr. Gupta is a thorough learner and has deep knowledge of many Powerful Life Transforming Methods & Techniques. He has developed and delivered a number of customized NLP modules; like NLP workshops for Wellness, Students, Couples, Corporate Excellence, Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Weight Management and Senior Citizens etc. His version of Applied Fundamentals of NLP is most sought after as it has the scientific and practical approach of the subject. With his wide experience and creativity, he is helping people to achieve their goals and become successful in life.

The Journey

With his middle class family, he was always keen to search the opportunity for contributing to the society. Always helped the needy personnel. He had decided to achieve a good stand in his life to help the world and he joined Moti Lal Nehru Engineering College, Allahabad to do his engineering.

It was during the college period, that he discovered his interest and needs beyond any formal education. He embarked on the journey of studying yet another interesting subject called LIFE;. Joined a group of contributors in Narayan Aashram, Allahabad and helped a lot of people in need.

He started his career with HINDALCO INDUSTRIES where he connected with related people who were already walking for Contribution to the Society. Worked with LIONS CLUB and got married in 1996. Contribution became double with his delighted wife Ranjana Gupta. She was another good hand in his life to achieve his FINAL & BROAD GOAL.

He worked with several Big multi-national brands and participated in their Society’s Contributory Goals. Still he was not satisfied with his contribution. He wanted to do something big for the GREAT FUTURE of INDIA, moreover WORLD.

In 2012, he joined an organization as partner but somehow could not find satisfaction towards achievement of his LIFE’s GOAL.

In July 2015, with the Grace of GOD, he got a good MENTOR in his way who showed him the TRUE PATH of LIVING LIFE and CONTRIBUTION. It was a TRUE LIFE TRANSFORMATION for him. He started learning and sharing his learnings to the society. He learnt NLP and Visualization Techniques. He also learnt several Memory Retention Techniques.

With NLP and Visualization Techniques, he started helping people looking for better RELATIONSHIPS, best PARENTING, getting rid of PHOBIAS, good HEALTH, good WEALTH and living LIFE LIVELY with full of HAPPINESS. Started working on his VISION towards GREAT FUTURE of INDIA & WORLD, reached to students (class 3rd to 12th who can bring our country to a new level in future) and trained them with NLP, Visualization and Memory Retention Techniques.

The Pathway

NLP is a human mind art; an art by which you create wonderful results in the lives of people you care for. The quality of the delivery of this art depends upon the exposure that you have got with people and their issues.

Here you need a mentor who can make you understand the core and finer points of this art. Akhileshwar Gupta has been empowering people for the last several years. He has the widest exposure of making changes in the lives of people across the country.

What is NLP??? Neuro Linguistic Programming, as the name suggests:

– ‘neuro’ refers to brain,

– ‘linguistic’ refers to language

– ‘programming’ is the installation of a strategy, procedure or plan

NLP is the study of what works in thinking, language, and behavior. It provides a systematic framework for directing our brain and body. It defines the way how we code and produce excellence which enables us to achieve the results that we want in each area of life.

NLP is based on Visualization Techniques which use your Body Senses (Eyes, Ears, Skin etc.). It has several visualization techniques to help person in need to:

-Create balance in your life

-Remove Past painful memories

-Boost your confidence

-Build long lasting relationship

-Build a Great Future

-Create excellence in personal and professional life

-Communicate and motivate your fellows

-Learn quickly

-Memorize your learning