MIPTS (Maximum Impact Per Time Spent) is being created by Visualization compared to many other activities. Just ask the millions of people who practice it. There is a common mistake to visualize the same scene every day. In fact, the best way is to do it once and then ‘let it go.’ Our MP3s are under 20 minutes ‘short’ and you should have 20 minutes in a day to invest in yourself.

There are several variables influencing the speed of your success using visualization techniques. In our visualization course, you will get a video training that outlines some 10 advanced scientific principles and metaphysical that cause your visualizations to manifest sooner.

We can promise that you will experience improvements, as long as you stay committed to working with this program. You’ll feel more empowered after completing all 12 sessions, You will feel motivated and have clear indication that you can almost influence “fortune” itself.

This is the only the program where you have the biggest name in personal growth to teach you how to become a visualizer master. On top of this, you’ll also get 12 done-for-you visualizations that you can start using from DAY 1.

In first part, Akhileshwar himself explaining the science behind visualization and revealing the techniques he used to create his own success, founding one of the largest education companies in the world. And then he walks you through the 12 done-for-you visualizations that you can use to enhance any area of your life.

And BONUS: the Ambient Sounds. You’ll also get these awesome tracks that can be used as backgrounds music for your custom visualizations.

It did not happen to any of our customers when they listened to Akhileshwar’s incredible visualization sessions. Refer the reviews and testimonials on this page. Just listen and let Akhileshwar guide you, without doing anything except relax. He does all the hard work.

You will be surprised by knowing ease of it. Just give a try and you’ll discover the creativity, skill set and passion required to create a truly wonderful life. In fact, it’s Akhileshwar’s style that makes this so easy and different — he brings in EMOTION and visual ability.

Completely Yes. As you visualize, the belief comes. You’re re-imprinting your beliefs in your brain. Your feelings get changed instantly, just listen to the tracks. No belief is required. In fact, scientific studies prove the positive impact of visualization on your brain — in as little as eight minutes.

Brilliant question —the perfect solution is there in this course. You can always record new visualizations as per your changing dreams, desires and visions by using brilliantly engineered background tracks available in third chapter of this course.

YES. It is risk free for 90 days to check out the pre-course training materials and the full program of The Power of Visualization. You can get an immediate refund of your investment by sending an email to support@lifesciencescoach.org with the subject “Cancellation Request for Creative Visualization Course.”, without asking any question.

As soon as you start visualizing every day, your subconscious beliefs start changing. Since visualization feels great (after all, you’re imagining yourself at your happiest and most successful), it’s natural to consciously notice a big jump in your step.

In fact, you’ll start to feel more confident, creative and empowered — right away. You’ll discover that you don’t need to wait to be a “success” in order to love life — you will feel great in the now.